Ben Milstein - Untitled EP bit_009


Ben Milstein Untitled 

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Ben Milstein, the 4 track Vinyl release. Bit_009. Any music from Ben Milstein is something special. It blows up dance floors. Trying to describe these tracks leaves me short of words. Rare is the artist who blends masterful sound design, unheard of beats, bass for days and flawless production with such complete fluidity. Ben plays with dark and light.. pushing and pulling the listener in all the right places while still providing an anchor.  Turn up the volume and savor all that's on offer. There's plenty to explore.  Just have a listen to the previews for yourself. Not to be missed.

Don't sleep on this. They won't last long. Only 200 hand numbered copies pressed.  Vinyl purchase includes download link to digital files in wav format.

1 - 'Osity08'  

2 - 'Blah'           

3 - 'negInvFac'*              

4 - 'Kombination'                            


*negInvFac composed with assistance from Logreybeam

Mastered/vinyl cut by Dietrich Schoenemann at Complete USA 

Design by

screen printing by the tiny spoon

© buried in time  2006-forever